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Strength Training vs Muscle Building: What is the Difference?

People hit the gym for many reasons. Becoming thin or getting toned is not always the motivation behind joining the gym. Some people come to the gym to gain mass, while others come to shred it. However, many of us do not know the basic difference between what type of training builds muscles and which workout style gives you strength. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Gaining Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Gone are the days when you had to down half a dozen egg whites a day to become strong and muscular. Times are changing, people are evolving, and so are the methods once used by the fitness industry to achieve a body target. And it’s not just the eggs; for many years, the conventional belief ruling the fitness world was that devouring meat regularly is the only way to build muscle. 

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How To Get Lean Arms Without Bulking Up: A Detailed Guide

Toning your arms to get that perfectly sculpted look can be challenging, especially when not wanting to bulk up, right? The truth of the matter is the best way to tone is by using weight training as a basis of your exercise routines, and that scares many people. If you are suffering from the underarm jiggle, you may want to do something about it, but an activity that doesn’t leave you looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But how to get lean arms without bulking up?

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Post-Workout Nutrition: What To Eat After Workout To Gain Muscle?

You have just hit the gym hard, and after getting all freshened up you want to grab a light snack or meal to help your body begin recovery and build muscle, but what do you grab? It is essential to make sure you are eating the right foods, especially if you are looking to build muscle. These foods should include carbs and protein, all of which are vital to the entire recuperation and building process.

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Should I Workout Everyday to Gain Muscle Mass Faster?

Daydreaming about that perfectly built and well-muscled physique? How do athletes like boxers, wrestlers, or MMA fighters get those muscled bodies? Many have tried but have given up in the long run. Some have achieved that muscled shape but later on, the muscles turned back to flab. The question is, how can we keep it up?

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Does Increasing Muscle Mass Increase Metabolism? What Does the Science Say?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we need to understand what metabolism actually is. Metabolism is the rate in which your body processes what you have eaten. Various dictionaries define it as “the bodily processes required to sustain life”. Often today, we hear the word associated with weight issues. Many a person struggling to lose weight has complained of a “slow metabolism” as the reason they can’t shed those extra pounds. Sure there’s some truth in that statement, but there are other elements that play a bigger part with weight loss, than your metabolism. This leads to the question, does increasing muscle mass increase metabolism?

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