Best Muscle Groups to Workout Together

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How many muscles should you work out in one training session? Which parts of the body should you work out first, and which parts should you leave to exercise later? These are some of the many questions you may have asked yourself as you walked into the gym. There are so many questions asked every day as you start your training session. Another one of these questions that is overwhelming to the new gym member is how many muscle groups are there in the human body?

You have five days in the week to work out, and you don’t want to neglect any of them. There are many types of muscles or muscle groups in your body, and each of them is important for a healthy body. Where do you start and what is more important to work out on?! What muscles can you leave for later? Another nagging question is when should you rest a group of muscles, and when should you rest your whole body? Can you train every day of the week, even Saturday and Sunday, if needed?

When you are in the gym, you want to maximize your training efficiency and optimize your time spent on each muscle group. To get the best results from your time in the gym, you will need to work out one or two muscle groups together. This will be a good way to use your time in the gym and be more efficient than just one muscle group. It is important to schedule your time on the machines, especially if you attend a very busy gym. Work out a good exercise plan and visit the gym when it is not at its busiest so you can do your exercises without interruption.

Factors to Consider for Working out

There are a few issues that need to be addressed before you can start your training program in the gym of your choice. Is the gym you are attending too crowded for you to complete your session without interruption of your training program? How often is a personal trainer available to advise you on the right type of exercise and a good nutrition program? How many times a week should you train with a personal trainer for optimum results for your muscles and from your training plan? How long does it take to see the results when you use a personal trainer and when you really need one?

A Crowded Gym

The most popular gyms are generally the most crowded, especially those that provide great starter packages for beginners. The times your gym is going to be crowded will determine your training time and the training cycle of your program. That will also determine what muscle groups you are going to work out together to have ample work-out time for all your muscles.

The gym is too crowded for a serious trainer to complete your training session without interruption when you have to wait in line for a machine. At the beginning of the year, the gym will be the most crowded with all the New Year’s resolution customers.

The Muscle Groups

Your body has antagonistic muscles, which are muscles that work opposite to another muscle group, such as the biceps, that extend the elbow while the triceps flex the elbow. Then, you have the synergistic muscle groups that are working synergistically together. An example is the back muscles that are pulling muscles while the biceps work as secondary pulling muscles.

That is basically the main types of muscle groups that are present in your body – either to function together or against each other. That should be a reason why you would want to work out those muscle groups together for recovery purposes of the secondary muscles of that group. Muscle groups do not function separately. Every large muscle group has a small muscle group that supports it.

For example, the chest muscle group, which is a large group, is supported by a number of small muscle groups. These small muscle groups that support the chest muscles are the shoulder muscles and triceps, as well as the pectorals. The other large muscle group is the back muscles, which are supported by the biceps, and act as secondary pull muscles. In normal circumstances, it will be good to keep the groups together in a workout routine for better muscle building.

The wise thing to do will be to not work your back muscles together with your chest muscles. If you do work them out together, you will not give the secondary muscles (the biceps and the triceps) ample time for recovery. In the long run, that will not be good for your biceps and triceps because you will over-exercise them and tire them out. You can not complete the program the next day with overtired muscles. This will make your whole training program a total waste, and you will have no results from your training program.

Best Muscle Groups to Workout Together

A good training program will be to work out your triceps with your chest, and they will have time to recover the next day. In the next round, you can work out your back with your biceps, and then it is their turn to recover. That way, you can follow a workout program with a solid rotation to give each group of muscles ample time for recovery. These muscle groups then work together to perform similar functions, and you can work them out together and let them recover together. These training programs are called training splits, and they are good to help you get the best results for your muscle building.

When you start to do your exercises at the beginning of the week, you would typically start on Monday with your push muscles. These push muscles will be your chest muscles and the shoulder muscles, together with the triceps. This group of exercises can be done together with the legs to have a structured program to work with for good results. The next day, you would want to do the pull muscle group that consists of the back muscles and the biceps.

On the third day, you would basically take off and let your muscles go through the 48-hour muscle protein synthesis. After the off-day, you will repeat the whole process and go for a two-day split and finish the sets. You will be off again on the third day to let your muscles get the full benefit of the protein synthesis. This way you can have your full workout done in two days and be off for full muscle recovery.

You are then allowed to do everything twice a week so you can get the full benefit and gain good muscle build and muscle mass. This is beneficial for your muscles if you work the right muscles together for optimum results, and your exercises will not be a waste.

The ideal program is to exercise every muscle group two times a week and leave 48 hours after every muscle group exercises. This time-lapse is to give the muscles that 48 hours of recovery time and rest, together with the right supplement. You will, in essence, have a total of four training sessions for the week to complete your weekly program. If you train every muscle group two times a week, you allow your muscles the full benefit of protein synthesis. That is because after you train a certain muscle, the muscle protein synthesis will be elevated for 48 hours. You would want to allow your muscles to reap the full benefit of that before it goes back down to normal levels.

A split is basically a program where you take a session of exercises and train a certain muscle group in one day. With a one day split, you will train a group of muscles and take one day off. The day after an off day, you will then train another muscle group. After that, you will again have one day off. You won’t be able to get two of each muscle in one week with a one day split.

It will be better if you do a two-day split where you will do a group of muscles on the first day. On the second day, you will do another group of muscles and take off the third day for the recovery. You can repeat this two times a week and thus allow better results for your muscle building.

What Will be a Good Split System to Train With?

With a good split system, you would want optimal results from your training sessions, as this will allow for better muscle build. In a typical two day split, you will start out on the first day doing the chest with its supporting muscle groups. That will be basic chest exercises that will involve the triceps and the pectorals together in one training session.

Together with that, you will do the legs or other minor exercises to complete the full workout session in one day. The following day, you will do the back muscles by doing exercises for the back muscle group and its supporting muscles. That will typically include the biceps and are all of the back and supporting minor muscles. The third day will be an off day to allow all the muscles that were involved in the training sessions, all the benefits.

These benefits will typically be the protein synthesis that will be elevated for 48 hours. After everything has returned to normal on the fourth day and you have reaped all the benefits, you can start it all over again. This way, you can allow your muscles to go through all the benefits two times a week for much better muscle growth results.

Typical Exercises for Each Group

For the back muscles and its smaller support group (the biceps), it is good to do pull down exercises using barbells. Deadlift exercises with weights are also good for the back muscle group, as well as for the biceps. The group of muscles sometimes called the push muscles includes the back muscles and its smaller supporting muscles. These support muscles would be the triceps and pectorals, as well as the shoulder muscles.

What will be a good exercise for this group of muscles will be chest and shoulder presses, as well as close and reverse grip bench presses. Cable crossovers can also be effectively used for the chest, or push muscle group, for great muscle build. The legs consist of a group of muscles that can all be trained together, including the hamstrings and the calves and also the glutes. In a typical training session, the legs can be trained together with one of the other muscle groups.

When you choose the two-day split, you can do the back muscles and its supporting muscles together with the legs in one session. The following day you can do the chest muscle group together with its supporting muscle groups. That way, you will cover all the muscle groups in two days, and you will be able to repeat it two times a week. This workout program will allow you optimal results for your muscles. That way, you can expect good muscle growth from your training sessions.


Now that you have an inkling of an idea on how to plan your training program, you can start getting ready to get that necessary training. It is always a good idea to do your training with some expert advice and better results. Speak with a professional trainer regarding your training program and, of course, the correct nutrition program for the best results based on your needs.

As you can see, it is better to have a good training program before you start building your muscles and strength. There are other splits available that can be used for more experienced bodybuilders, so feel free to explore other and maybe better options available. But if you are just starting out or are looking for some variations in your workout, try out the recommendations above to make the most of your workout.