Vegan Macros for Weight Loss: Top Tips and Tricks

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It’s quite likely you’re researching vegan macros for weight loss thanks to your gym-avid friend. Macros aren’t something tossed around in general conversation because they are a much deeper way of analyzing your diet to help make better choices.

When you’re at the stage where you need to lose weight before bulking, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to your macros.

With the right body weight, you’ll have the ability to use resources such as the Visual Impact Muscle Building program to help you achieve your dream physique. With specialized workouts and innovative training techniques, getting toned or bulking has never been more exciting.

What Is a Macro Diet?

When you begin to get into a macro diet, you’re going to need to pay close attention to your macronutrients. These values include the grams of proteins, fats, and carbs you consume daily, as well as their ratios. One of the most considerable advantages of counting macros is that it can help you to avoid unhealthy foods.

When you are aware of the specific grams of proteins still left to consume in your day, you won’t be searching for just 300 extra calories. Instead, you’ll have a clearer insight that you specifically need five more grams of protein, helping you to avoid foods with high sugar content.

Another massive advantage of a macro diet is that you can manage your portions. You’ll know precisely where your calories are coming from and how important they are for your physical goals. Over time, choosing between whole and processed foods will also become more straightforward.

Unlike other diets, a macro diet is fully adjustable at different stages of your workout regime. As such, as you get bulkier and require more nutrients, you can adjust it accordingly to maximize your efforts and to see more changes.

Tips for Calculating Vegan Macros

As mentioned, a macro diet is highly adaptable to your lifestyle and fitness goals, which is why it is essential for vegans. You’ll want to pay close attention to managing your carbs, fats, calories, and proteins to see the best physical development possible.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best tips for calculating the essential macros on a plant-based diet.

1. Calculating Calories

When focusing on calories, the central premise to keep in mind is the number of calories in and the number of calories out. This pertains to how many calories you’re eating and how many you burn with your workouts.

If you eat an influx of calories above your calculated allotment for the day, your body will store the excess calories as fat. On the other end, if you are consistently eating fewer calories than your body burns daily, the calories are transformed into energy.

This process helps to burn fat not only while working out but also while your body is at rest. Luckily, there is a simple strategy that you can use to calculate your calories for both vegan and non-vegan fitness enthusiasts.

The best recommendation for calculating your calories is to use a calorie calculator, such as this one. By adding your age, height, weight, and gender to the blank fields, it will tell you the number of calories you should be consuming daily. To lose weight, eat less than the value you receive and make sure you work out to burn more than what you consume.

2. Calculating Protein

Even if you’re not interested in bulking up at this point, protein is still an essential component to slimming down and toning. Protein is highly vital among vegans, especially as it’s readily available from numerous sources ranging from lentils to tofu. Only by eating more than one gram of protein daily helps your body to maintain its strength and muscle.

The general rule of thumb when calculating protein macros is to account for one gram of protein per pound. So, for example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you’ll want to consume 160 grams of protein each day. This process will enable you to improve your body composition as well as your physical performance.

Depending on how thorough you are with your meal planning, investing in a protein supplement can help you to meet your daily protein goals with ease. Most of these supplements are available in vegan formulas and can be thrown together in a blender for a morning smoothie.

3. Calculating Fats

When you’re losing weight, the word fat isn’t something you’re going to want to hear, but not all fats are evil. As an essential part of anyone’s diet, fat is something that our body needs for survival, as it is burned as a source of energy, similar to carbohydrates. Fats are also responsible for managing our hormones, assisting our bodies with absorbing nutrients, and much more.

However, not all fats are created equally. Eating a full meal from McDonald’s is going to be substantial in fat, but bad fat. Instead, you’re going to want to focus on the fats that improve HDL and Omega-3 fatty acids.

For vegans, anywhere from 15% to 30% of your calories should be derived from fats. To calculate this, all you need is a straightforward formula: (calories) x (fats) = necessary fatty calories. For example, 2570 (calories) x 0.30 (30% fats) = 771 (fatty calories), which is about 86 grams of fat.

4. Calculating Carbs

We all know that fats can be converted to energy, but a far more efficient source is carbs. Carbohydrates are frequently seen as something to avoid, when, in reality, as an active person, they are a necessary part of your daily diet. When it comes to improving the composition of your body, you need carbs to improve your physical performance, so you burn more fat.

When someone eats carbs, the body breaks it down into glucose, which is an incredible fuel. As someone who works out regularly, your muscles will rely on glycogen as their primary energy source. Avoiding carbs can result in poor muscular endurance and performance when you are strength training.

It’s important to note that not all carbs are created the same, as you can get healthy and unhealthy carbs from an abundance of sources. White bread, for example, is packed with unhealthy carbs that offer short-term energy. Opting for a sweet potato instead provides your body with slow-releasing energy that it can use throughout the day.

Active individuals will need anywhere from four to seven grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight. An alternative approach is to look at your calorie count for the day after calculating your fat and proteins and fill the rest out with carbs. So, for example, if you are allowed 2570 calories per day and 771 of them are fat, 600 are from protein, you’ll need 1199 calories worth of carbs.

5. Adjusting Your Macros

As time goes on, your body is going to change, whether you begin to build muscle or if you continue on your weight loss journey. Even though it would be nice to be able to stick to the same macro diet, you’re going to need to adjust it accordingly to meet your new goals. Making changes to your macro diet is incredibly simple as long as you follow these rules.

  • Remember Calories

Above everything else, the number of calories you eat each day is going to determine the amount of weight you lose. When you begin trimming pounds, you’ll need to continually recalculate the number of fats, proteins, and carbs you should be eating. By putting your new weight into the formula, you’ll have more accurate details on what you should and shouldn’t consume.

Keeping track of calories is also essential when it comes to working out, as you’ll need to know how many calories need to be burned. This tip is equally as crucial for people who are looking to bulk, as you’ll need to eat an excessive amount of calories for optimal muscle production.

  • Maintain Your Protein

With a healthy vegan diet, likely, you won’t be lacking in protein, but it is essential to make sure you are reaching your daily allotments. With the help of vegan protein shakes, vegan protein bars, and other high-protein snacks, you can quickly meet your daily limits. On average, you should be aiming for one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

  • Eat a Moderate-Fat Diet

Fats are everywhere, and even though eating too many of them can be harmful to your heart and digestive system, plant-based fats are incredibly important for vegans.

With a moderate-fat diet, you can keep control over the things you eat daily but also manage your energy reserves. Remember, you should consume anywhere from 15% to 30% of your daily calories in fat.

  • Don’t Forget Carbs

Even though there seems to be a stigma surrounding carbohydrates, they are one of the essential fuel sources for people who enjoy spending time in the gym. When your body consumes carbs, it changes them into glycogen, which your muscles need for energy. Optimal levels of carbs can help you to power through even the most strenuous workouts.

The rule of thumb for knowing how many carbs to eat is to calculate them last. Whatever calories you have left after fat and protein should be filled out with carbohydrates.

vegan macros for weight loss

How to Keep Track of Macros

The most challenging part of maintaining a macro diet is keeping track of them all, especially if you’re not someone who journals the food they eat. Our recommendation is to download a smartphone app that is specifically designed to keep track of macros. As you add in everything you eat, the app will automatically calculate the macros for you.

This tip helps to take a lot of time and effort out of the process. You’ll also find it helps you to adjust your diet as your fitness goals change. The best part is that these apps are perfectly laid out to where you’ll know all of your specific macros and be able to adjust your meals accordingly.

Vegan Macros and Working Out

There’s nothing more important than the relationship between macros and working out. When you’re using all-inclusive guides such as the Visual Impact Muscle Building program. The program is specifically designed to help you cut weight and tone with less effort than doing it on your own.

You’ll find it is also highly useful for people who have passed the fat trimming stage and are interested in bulking their bodies for a fuller aesthetic. Within the book, there are 227 pages of highly informative guidelines for exercises, as well as plenty of pictures to help you along the way. It’s virtually as if you have your very own personal trainer guiding you through the process.

What makes Visual Impact Muscle Building so unique is that it seems to be tailored for each reader. With the combination of your macros, you can create a specialized workout plan that will help you to achieve your goals. You even have complete control over your type of resistance, whether it’s free weights, machines, or body weight.

Anyone can use it; all you need to do is get into the mindset that it’s time to start working towards your dream physique. Once you have your diet nailed down, the rest of the process becomes easy.

Other Tips for Managing Your Macros

Your diet is more than just macronutrients. There are also powerful micronutrients that can promote a healthy metabolism. There are many of these beneficial micronutrients in turmeric.

According to Lyfe Botanicals, “Turmeric increases insulin sensitivity, regulates lipid metabolism, and targets fat by suppressing multiple processes responsible for the growth of adipose tissue.”

You can read Lyfe Botanicals’ article on the 10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin Supplements here.

Transforming the way you eat and workout is tough for anyone, especially if this is your first time. When you start counting macros, you’ll feel as if you have complete control over your food.

With such a detailed look into the things you eat daily, you’ll immediately start making better and more informed choices.

Always remember that as a vegan, your primary goal is to stay perfectly nourished and counting macros allows you to do just that. You’ll know exactly how much protein your body needs, fats, and carbs to stay healthy and energized. You’ll even have a deeper understanding of your cravings and when it’s okay to let your body have what it wants, aside from what it needs.

Vegan Macros for Weight Loss: Final Thoughts

Knowing how to calculate and vegan macros for weight loss is essential for anyone looking to trim the fat off their bodies. With the help of these formulas, tips, and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to success.

By relying on resources such as the Visual Impact Muscle Building program, you’ll not only be eating better but burning the perfect number of calories for your diet. Your dream body is right around the corner, and today is the perfect day to get started.