Should I Workout Everyday to Gain Muscle Mass Faster?

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Daydreaming about that perfectly built and well-muscled physique? How do athletes like boxers, wrestlers, or MMA fighters get those muscled bodies? Many have tried but have given up in the long run. Some have achieved that muscled shape but later on, the muscles turned back to flab. The question is, how can we keep it up?

Many usually think that having a muscled body takes a lot of work. Can you imagine working out hours on a daily basis just to keep that muscled body? Nowadays, having enough time to get everything done in a day has become an issue for many. This is the same reason why many abandon the idea of getting that dream body.

Actually, there are three types of muscles: cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles. These three have different attributes and actual functions. Among these three muscle types, what you need to train for muscle building is the actual skeletal muscle. In fact, 45% of the actual normal human body is made up of skeletal muscles.

Building muscles is something that shouldn't be stressful. One can actually build muscles just doing what he or she loves. To build muscles, you need to eat the right food, engage in minimal exercise, and perform the activities you love. 

So, should I workout everyday to gain muscle? Let us delve deeper into how to build muscles to be proud of. 

Exercises To Gain Muscles

There are actually two types of exercises to build muscles.  They are aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise is done over long durations with low to medium levels of exertion. Examples of these are jogging, brisk walks, and biking. 

On the other hand, anaerobic exercises are done for a shorter period of time. It actually lasts for only a maximum of two (2) minutes. However, this type of exercise requires more exertion compared to aerobic exercises. Example exercises of this type are those that one does for strength training. It includes climbing, jump ropes, and weight lifting amongst many others. 

Overall, it is the aerobic exercise that actually makes your body fitter, while anaerobic exercises make one’s body stronger than ever. You do not need to spend hours doing exercises every day. You see many people go to gyms on a daily basis and almost stay there throughout the day. In fact, to build muscles, you all need is 20 to 30 minutes in the gym. And you do not need to do that every waking day. What is recommended is to just visit the gym at least twice or three times a week. 

While in the gym, you can do muscle-strengthening exercises, concentrate on working out your back, arms, shoulders, hips, and legs. Not hours but just a few minutes of intense strength training. This is something doable, right?

Food For Muscle Gain

In order for our body to build muscles properly, it needs the right nutrition. Our body needs carbohydrates, protein, and fats to build muscles. But amongst these three, out of our daily nutrition, what our body needs the most is protein. It should consist of 10% to 35% of our total calorie intake; no more, no less.

 To give you a better idea of what food to opt for when building muscles, here a few examples:

1. Skinless chicken

This is a good protein source without too much fat.

2. Eggs

This is a perfect option for muscle builders. There is a good reason why muscle builders consume a number of eggs while training. Eggs provide the right amount of good fat, vitamin D, choline, protein, and essential amino acids.

3. Lean beef

This is the to-go food for those who want to really build muscles. It is very conducive for building the right muscle mass, providing you with high-quality protein. But do be sure to trim the fat before cooking it, if there is any.

4. Oatmeal

It is a well-known fact that oatmeal is a good source of good carbohydrates. Many bodybuilders always include oatmeal in their diet. It is because of its ability to satiate one’s hunger and aid in fat loss without the fear of losing muscle mass.

5. Cottage cheese

This is a good source of pure casein protein, which makes it ideal for muscle maintenance. Plus, it also provides the body with vitamin B12 and calcium.

5. Tuna

Good source omega 3 fatty acids, perfect for muscle health.

5. Almonds

They provide phosphorous which helps the body to optimally use carbohydrates and fats.

6. Tofu

This is a great source of plant protein, good fat, and carbohydrates. In addition, it is rich in calcium. This is why many vegans prefer tofu as a meat substitute.

7. Salmon

Good source of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin B. Salmon is a perfect choice for building muscles and overall health.

8. Shrimp

If you want pure protein, then shrimp should be included in your diet. It is great for muscle building without any additional calories. In fact, it is a good source of leucine, which is very important muscle growth.

9. Brown rice

This type of whole grain actually encourages fat loss and growth of lean muscles. In addition, it promotes overall health and helps sustain energy levels.

With these foods, you can help your body build leaner muscles and still have overall good health.

Activities To Gain Muscles

As mentioned, there is no need to actually stay in the gym for hours on a daily basis. You can still grow muscles with just doing your usual chores or activities that you love. You can do groceries and still build muscles. You can do gardening. Or, you can also pick up a new hobby like hiking or just shooting a few hoops. With just doing the things that you love most, you will still have the opportunity to build your muscles. Just do things with intensity and keep a good posture. 

Final Thoughts

Should I workout everyday to gain muscle? The short answer is no, you don't have to, but working out regularly will certainly help. With all of these things in mind, you can now have that well-muscled body that you always dreamt of. Take every opportunity to build those muscles by doing it right and eating healthily.