Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller Review

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Quick Overview





Ab rollers have become quite popular, as they are great tools for working your core, shoulder, and back muscles. They are also highly recommended to improve your overall arm strength. With the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller, you’ll be able to work towards a stronger and more defined core.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller

When you start using the ab roller for the first time, you’ll realize how effective it is at targeting a variety of areas in your torso. It’s initially designed to help improve your core, but it offers plenty of other benefits as well. You’ll find that it’s a far more interesting and engaging way to work on your core compared to traditional crunches and sit-ups.

With plenty of interesting features designed to make the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller easier for everyone to use, it’s a workout tool that has very versatile uses. However, it is important to note that it will help you to trim the fat and build lean muscle in more areas than your core. Compared to other ab rollers, this design is slightly more intuitive and easier to use.

Who Is This Ab Roller Meant For?

As mentioned, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller can be easy for anyone to use. You’ll surely start to feel a burning sensation in your core after your first use, but with proper training, your overall strength will be improved. It’s a far more preferable way to target your core compared to more traditional exercises.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller helps to take a lot of pressure off of your back and neck that is typically experienced when doing sit-ups and crunches. Instead, you’ll be able to feel your muscles working in all of the right areas, which is ideal for people prone to neck injuries. Additionally, it’s one of the few pieces of workout equipment that beginners can use.

With its simple design and its ability to help you achieve a wider range of motion, you’ll be able to make the most out of your time in your gym.

What’s Included?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional accessories you’ll receive when you purchase the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller. With most other ab rollers, you’ll typically receive extra items such as fitness guides and diet guides. With this product, we found the most prevalent missing item is a kneepad.

When you start using an ab roller, you’ll notice your knees will be on a hard surface, which can be painful after a while. This is why we would highly recommend buying your own kneepad so that you can prevent injuries and stay comfortable, helping you to work out for longer.

Overview of Features

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller offers the following:

  • Ultra-wide wheel: The first feature of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller is the brilliant design of the wheel. As this is what will assist your body with making the proper movement, you’ll want a sturdy and wide wheel to prevent slippage. The width of this ab roller is nearly two times larger than other models.
  • Built-in resistance: If you’re tired of using a traditional ab wheel that doesn’t feel like it’s doing much for building muscle, you’ll love the built-in resistance in this roller. It helps to maximize the resistance put against your core while working out.
  • Kinetic carbon steel spring: To aid with higher levels of resistance, there is a kinetic carbon steel string inside of the wheel. When you roll out, there will be added resistance, and when you roll in, your arms and abdominals will be activated properly.
  • Intuitive wheel tread: To prevent slippage while working out, there is an intuitive tread engraved around the entire wheel. This will prevent the device from making unnecessary movements so you can focus on achieving the proper positioning. It also has great stability, which is important for beginners.
  • Ergonomic grips: On either side of the wheel, you’ll notice there are two handlebars or grips that you will hold onto. They are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into all sizes of hands. You may also find that you won’t need to tape your hands in order to avoid blisters.
  • Removable handles: Aside from the fact that the handles are built with an ergonomic grip, they are also removable. If you’re someone who likes traveling with your gym equipment, you’ll find that this device is easy to disassemble and pack in your luggage.

How to Use It

The main thing to know when it comes to using the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller is that you have to achieve the right position in order for it to do its job. Though first, you’ll have to put the device together, which is as simple as sliding the two grips into their spots on either side of the wheel.

While working out, it’s highly recommended that you use a kneepad, especially if you aren’t on a plush surface, such as a yoga mat. When extending, you’ll want to reach as far forward as you can, keeping your body stable by engaging your core. As you roll in, ensure that you breathe out, keeping your core engaged.

Once you are finished with your set, you’ll want to wipe the grips with an antibacterial solution to disinfect the ab roller for your next workout.


It’s highly likely you’ll find plenty of different ab rollers on the market. Our favorite alternative to the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller is the LAFENI Ab Roller for the following reasons:

  • Non-Slip surface: Although the Perfect Fitness roller has a non-slip surface, the LAFENI model is a little easier to use. The wheel is made from non-slip TPR and PVC, meaning it won’t make any sudden movements no matter what type of flooring you’re working out on.
  • Added gifts: Everything that you need, including a resistance band and knee pad, are included when you get the LAFENI Ab Roller.


Regardless if you are a trained professional or a beginner, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller is a great tool to have. It’s designed to make working on your core simpler than using regular exercises and it helps to make every movement worthwhile. To see the best results in the least amount of time, an ab roller is well worth the investment.