Elevacity Elevate Smart Coffee Review

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Quick Overview






  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to brew
  • Package seals easily
  • Arrives pre-sweetened
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto-friendly


  • Has a terrible aftertaste
  • Limited efficacy with losing weight
  • Doesn’t curb cravings easily
  • May cause tremors

By looking at Elevate Coffee weight loss reviews, it’s easy to see how losing extra weight with this product may be more straightforward.

Designed to give your body the nourishment it needs by elevating your natural energy, you could burn more calories daily. It is intended as a supplement that helps to offer anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects that last throughout the day. Let's learn more about it to see if this is suitable for you or not.

Elevate Smart Coffee

There are plenty of things this coffee is made for, which is why it's referred to as a “smart” beverage. As a consensus for most Elevate Coffee weight loss reviews, the product provides more natural energy by reducing oxidative stress throughout the body. It is also said to assist with burning fat and curbing your cravings during the day.

The more natural energy your body has, the more likely you will be to power through your workouts or spend less time sitting. This process, in turn, results in burning more calories, which helps to burn fat off of your body. You’ll also find that by spending all of your energy, you’ll have a more peaceful rest at night.

Other effects you might feel from consuming Elevate Smart Coffee is enhanced clarity. Thanks to the caffeine, a boost in memory retention and elevated moods can also be achieved. All of these features can be attributed to having more energy after consuming the beverage regularly.

Who Is This Coffee Meant For?

The ideal customer for this formula is someone who has been searching for more energy during the day. It may also be a customer who is looking for extra assistance when trying to lose weight. However, it is essential to note that this coffee needs to be consumed alongside a healthy eating and workout plan.

If you’ve noticed your moods are dampened due to a lack of energy, this could be a solution for you. Also, if you’ve lacked mental clarity halfway through the day, this coffee is a fantastic pick-me-up. It’s also highly recommended for people who are fans of regular coffee, as it tastes similar to traditional ground beans.

The central premise of Elevate Smart Coffee is to give your body a boost to help you become a more energized version of yourself. The more energy you have, the more productive you can be throughout the day.

What’s Included?

Everything that you need to get started on your new weight loss venture is included in your order. You’ll receive a bag of coffee that comes with 24 servings, as you will only need one stick per eight ounces of water.

You’ll have to use your mug or cup for the cold or hot beverage, though for us, it would be convenient to receive a tumbler with your order as well.

Overview of Features

Here are what you can expect from the product:

  • Health Benefits

Most notably, there is a list of beneficial health effects this coffee may have on you, though it varies from person to person. You will likely see a boost in energy, but you might not see a significant decrease in body fat in a short period. This formula is designed to help elevate your natural state so that you can put more effort into your weight loss.

Aside from that, you’ll appreciate feeling alert for longer and be able to acquire better sleep at night. More sleep can help to improve your moods and motivate you to work out regularly.

  • Natural Ingredients

There are numerous natural ingredients in the formula, including Peruvian cocoa, L-Theanine, green coffee extract, chromium polynicotinate, green tea extract, and Kigelia africana extract. This is what could make this coffee far more beneficial than others on the market that rely on artificial fillers and ingredients for increased energy.

  • 140mg of Caffeine

In each individual serving, there is 140mg of caffeine for your body to put to good use. This amount is more than enough to wake you up and get your day started. Be sure not to drink the coffee close to bedtime, though, as it will disrupt your sleep.

  • Low-Calorie Formula

Perfect for people who are counting calories, a single cup of this coffee only has 20 calories in it. If you don’t need to add sweetener or milk, it’s a very convenient beverage that you can fit into your meal plan.

  • Specialty Diet-Friendly

According to affiliates that sell Elevate Smart Coffee, it is effortless to consume along with specialty diets. It surely is keto-friendly, and you can also purchase a keto-friendly powdered creamer to go along with the coffee. Customers have also found that the ingredients are gluten-free, making the coffee perfect for those with intolerances.

  • 24 Servings

In your order, you will receive 24 individual packets with the coffee in them. Depending on how often you consume the beverage, it could be enough to last you an entire month.

  • Hot or Cold Brewing

Regardless if you are a fan of hot or cold coffee, the choice is yours. This coffee is easily brewed in hot water or cold water. Also, you can add it to your favorite coffee for an added nutritional boost first thing in the morning.

  • Contains Xylitol

If you’re a fan of sweetened coffee, you’ll appreciate that this comes with xylitol, which is a sweetener. For those who prefer black coffee, this may not be the ideal option for you.

How to Get the Most Out of It

We agree with most Elevate Coffee weight loss reviews that getting the most out of this coffee is just as easy as brewing a pot of instant coffee at home. Once you have your cold or hot water, you pour the package of coffee into the cup and stir it accordingly. You may want to taste it as you go to determine if you need more sweetener or creamer.

Ideally, you should consume only one cup per day and as early in the morning as possible. As there is 140mg of caffeine per serving, it’s best if you don’t drink it close to bedtime. Also, make sure you consume the beverage along with healthy food choices throughout the day.


Weight loss coffees are more popular than you’d think, and there are plenty of alternatives to take into consideration. Compared to the Elevate Smart Coffee, we also recommend VitaCup Slim Blend Coffee. There are a few reasons this may be a better alternative, including:

  • Coffee Pods: Instead of having individual packets, this weight loss coffee arrives in pods compatible with Keurig brewers.
  • Smooth Taste: There isn’t a strange aftertaste with this blend as there is with the Elevate blend. All of the beans in the coffee are sourced from Brazil and Mexico. The coffee is from 100% Arabica beans, which you'll find in most coffee shops.
  • Plenty of Nutrients: There is an assortment of nutrients in this coffee blend, including vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12. There is also Panax ginseng and Garcinia cambogia for additional energy.


Overall, most Elevate Coffee weight loss reviews suggest that it’s not the best tasting coffee blend with an unappealing aftertaste and too much sweetener. Many indicate the formula doesn’t help your body to lose weight on its own. With that said, we found that when combined with a healthy diet and a regular workout regime, it does provide the energy you need to get through the day.