Best Muscle Growth Pills for Faster Results

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You can surely increase your muscle by lifting weight appropriately and eating healthy. If you want to maximize that muscle growth, though, you can turn to supplements, as it can help you enhance growth in a shorter period.

While supplements can give you the boost you need, the market is inundated with them. They have quickly become so popular that it can be hard to find the right ones for you.

Thus, we’ve reviewed three of the best muscle growth pills you can find. One of these options should give you the results you want.

Best Muscle Growth Pills: Our Top Picks

1. Build- XT Daily Muscle Builder Dietary Supplement

Within this muscle growth pill, you’ll find three ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective. We like that this manufacturer lets you know exactly how much of each ingredient is included in the product, along with the effect those ingredients have on the body.


The three ingredients present in this supplement are AstraGin, ElevATP, and PeakO2. AstraGin has undergone a dozen studies that prove its absorption enhancing properties. It enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and serves a critical purpose in the makeup of the Build- XT Muscle Builder.

The ElevATP is a proprietary blend of a water extract of fossilized plants and apple extract. It helps to stimulate ATP extract and can improve athletic performance in a number of ways. It also has been shown to improve overall body composition, as well as muscle endurance while simultaneously increasing strength and lean muscle gains.

PeakO2 is a mushroom extract and is considered one of the world’s most powerful adaptogenic ingredients. It contains six different substances, all of which help you to train longer and harder while giving you the ability to reach a higher intensity workout.

This product won’t only help you to increase muscle mass and strength but can also enhance oxygen uptake and blood flow. There is a money-back guarantee when you purchase the Build- XT Muscle Builder. This product is also made in the USA in a cGMP facility.

We don’t see many drawbacks to this product but if we had to choose one it would be that it typically takes one and a half months to see any results. That means you will need to be in your second bottle before you’d expect to see results.


  • Risk-free purchase
  • No fillers and dyes
  • Science-backed ingredients


  • Takes time to see results


2. Tane Laboratories Vitality Maximum Strength Formula

If you’ve found that you have hit a plateau in your training, this supplement might be a great option for you.


This supplement helps to naturally increase your testosterone level so that you can get back on track and increase your muscle mass. It also aids in giving you an extra boost of energy while increasing your stamina for those extra-long workout sessions.

With the boost you can expect to experience with this product, you can use it as a great pre-workout supplement for a little extra energy during your workout, especially if you are feeling more sluggish than usual.

Not only does the Vitality Maximum Strength Formula help to increase your overall muscle, but it also aids in accelerating fat loss. Overall, with this supplement you’ll be more defined all over, giving you a leaner look.

In addition, there is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee with this product. Even if you have used the whole bottle, you can still return it for a full refund if you did not get a boost in testosterone.

The Vitality Maximum Strength Formula is a proprietary blend so you don’t know how much of each ingredient you are getting, which can be a real drawback. Unfortunately, proprietary blends seem to be the case more often than not when it comes to muscle growth pills.

Nonetheless, you do get a clear picture of what ingredients are included. Those ingredients include L-arginine, Eurycoma longifolia, Tribulus terrestris, and horny goat weed.


  • Risk-free purchase
  • Combination of fat burning and testosterone boosting
  • Can also help increase libido


  • Proprietary blend


3. RARI Nutrition N.O. Boost

If you are looking for a great muscle growth supplement, it’s likely you are working on other parts of your diet.


This supplement fits in great with that as it is both keto- and vegan-friendly. You don’t have to sacrifice part of your existing dietary restrictions when you take this supplement. It also does not contain any gluten.

It contains only 100% natural ingredients so you can rest assured you aren’t putting anything synthetic into your body. You’ll find active ingredients such as agmatine sulfate, arginine alpha-ketogrutarate, and citrulline malate.

This pill helps promote both vascularity and blood flow, as well as aids in increasing overall muscle volume while simultaneously elevating your nitric oxide levels. Many users also enjoy using this supplement as part of a pre-workout routine as it can help give you that extra boost or pump before lifting.

If you are having trouble getting in the mood for your workout or just need a bit more energy, this supplement can be a great option. The pick-me-up might be just what you need to get motivated to have a great lifting session. You shouldn’t experience any chalky aftertaste either, which can be pretty common with these kinds of supplements.

The only real con we found with this product is that it is a proprietary blend. So, while you know the ingredients included, you do not know how much of each ingredient is included.

While we know proprietary blends are common with muscle growth pills, we find it to not be ideal in that you never know how much of each ingredient you are putting in your body. However, you do know that this product does not contain any stimulants so even if you take it for a night-time workout, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting right to sleep.


  • Good for pre-workout
  • Stimulant-free
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Proprietary blend



While these products represent some of the best muscle growth pills on the market, we do see that one is above the rest and that is the Build-XT Muscle Builder. While the others also offer great benefits, the Build XT is more transparent about the ingredients included and is clear in how those ingredients work in your body.